REO Asset Management

We are a full service REO Asset Management Company. We handle the transaction from trustee’s sale to close of escrow.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Occupancy status
  • Cash for keys agreements
  • Evictions
  • Sherriffs lockout
  • Securing of property
  • Trash outs
  • Property maintenance and improvement
  • Marketing
  • Close of escrow

Here are just a of the few benefits of using Platinum Real Estate Network, Inc. for your REO Asset Management need

I. One point of contact

It will not be necessary to contract with several different real estate agents and employ staff to compile and input status updates into a database to track the numerous assets in your portfolio. Platinum Real Estate Network, Inc. will provide your office with monthly updates in a consistent report format, greatly reducing staff time on the phones & e-mail following up with real estate agents for status updates etc.

2. Consistent listing agreements & purchase agreements

Many Real Estate Brokerages require their own contracts and disclosures be utilized for each transaction. Platinum Real Estate Network, Inc. will provide consistent contracts for each transaction compliant with the California Department of Real Estate and California Statute establishing consistency for your staff and mitigating errors.

3. Standardized billing for cost and maintenance

Platinum Real Estate Network, Inc. requires all of our agents to submit comprehensive invoices, proof of payment for all costs of utilities, maintenance and/or other expenses as well as supporting digital photos of completed work related to each asset. We also require ADVANCED WRITTEN APPROVAL for any improvements or expenses. We then submit an invoice to our client with supporting documentation and digital photos for reimbursement. Our clients only need to remit payment for costs to Platinum Real Estate Network, Inc., not several different vendors, greatly reducing the demands on your accounting department.

4. Cost and other expenses

Each property will be unique in regards to taking possession based on the occupants and their willingness to cooperate and vacate. The eviction fees & costs can range from $1,500.00 to $3.500.00 depending upon how far into the process we need to go. Our agents will be present at all necessary appearances and lock out dates, eliminating the demands upon your staff to need to appear.

Each property will also be unique in regards to any improvements and/or repairs needed for marketability standards, also based on the occupants care and maintenance during possession. We will always provide multiple written bids for any necessary or recommended improvements and repairs and will not incur any costs without prior written approval. We will also provide before and after digital pictures to confirm completion of said work.